Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Voodooists Damballa - 2006

Nice meeting with Judy and Cory on Mon.
Took the bus up to Delhi in upstate NY on Tue's this past week and had 3 great sessions with engineer and Co producer Paul Geluso (who ran the studio for early Sufjan Stevens, Antony & The Johnsons and Animal Collective recordings , among many others) at his house Studio .
Now have The Voodooists songs digitized and can soon begin sending a few choice demo CDR's to selected labels .
Also digitized (and cleaned up /filtered/ de -pop and clicked) a few pieces including the classic piece we did with Sean Young for Hip Tech High Lit bk in 1987 .
The Public Domain Ep songs are close to demo
DCC in discussion with a label for the new 4 trk Ep ,
Dominatrix and Delic Records/Phunk are moving forward with the 'Rare & Unreleased Dominatrix release' Ep in Japan ,
the first of the new Pac Man inspired tracks will appear online in the next months
we have 2 very nice new ones - Paul Geluso's Pac Man Mission and
my Pac Man Industries .
They will become available at ,
CD Baby, iTunes just like the first track Pac Man Jam by Ben Jones of Paper Rad >

After I got off the bus and was walking across the metal bridge in Delhi ,
there were these round and bell shapes of white ice formed in the branches that hung down into the river with ridges of white ice also along the banks.
It had gotten warmer and rained all night so by the time I left next afternoon
the river was overflowing , way up and the ice bells were long gone .
As we sat in our bus cushions on the ride back in the late afternoon we crossed the raging river , at times it was flattened out ribboned and threaded quite wide
like a small scaled version of Alaska's aluvial wide rivers ,
other times funneled down a chute foaming whitewater by the side of the road ,
deer grazing on the wide highway median strips.
Almost as soon as we boarded the bus back to the city, white snow on the pine stands , the snow continued drifting silting onto highway, bridges, barns and gates up on the hill through Andes Arkville Phonecia
Bearsville the Utopia Studio not far from the road . Satin Dolls Night Crab ...

RIP Wilson Pickett - the wicked Pickett
Yesterday broke the record for NYC by reaching 63F
strange weather


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