Thursday, September 01, 2005

Down to the streets below

NY feels slow compared to Tokyo
Back 2 wks Both suitcases cleared of my stuff , things put away
but it's been peaceful and by now eased into meetings and regular stuff

8/28 Bi Conicals meeting was good

Went up to Paul's studio in Delhi Mon. and came bk with 2 new mixes of deepSpacewoman and Funky Dream Four
(deepspacewoman now with vocals by The Rammellzee , Honeychild Coleman and now , me and FD Four with Nadia , the Rammellzee and me )
Nice drive up and back past the big reservoir , farms spread out among green hills .
Brown deer ran across along the road , luckily the second one hesitiated and didn't follow
On this trip i notice black crows are getting big here too

Listening to Bowie Diamond Dogs and Alladin Sane 30th Anniversary 2 CD Editions .
2 versions of Dodo , a real fav , great liner notes on the rec
and great Alladin Sane 2nd CD

Then Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans , Miss.
'abandon' a major US city ...


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