Friday, September 02, 2005

drift music

Traveling in the dark . Heard many kinds of music on this trip .
It came from the clothes shops , chain eating establishments themes ,
silver clack & BMG of pachinko parlours, Chinese martial art movie on big screen .
In fact, the whole trip to Japan was a drop into another system , speed , lanquage.
Alot of high tempo 'club' music plays freely along the bustling Shibuya streets , some hyper rave stomping pounding . Up through the multi level Don Q store looking for another piece of luggage , the theme song plays over and over jarring the brain, a little insanely catchy that.
In the streets is the hiphop style of the kids who come into the city and also those hiphop fans who are into the music side without adopting the style , the stores that don't pump club music , play hiphop (Orange Range type pophiphop or old school) ,
sometimes you hear pop rock like Glay 'with (someone) from Exile'or some Grunge-y power rock .
There were many punk allusions in the news , the CM's ads on trains , in girl's magazines and on the streets .
Deep Purple did make considerable impact on hard rock here ,
The Cure and 'Nana' goth rocker types were all around the town ,
carefully reconstructed and customized costumes on the ladies sometimes so great .
Many seem to be listening to music on their cell phones , did see some i pods every day , manga reading , blind typing .

Club music / electronic music / Dance music > techno / house / disco / hiphop >
: microhouse techhouse hardhouse , gabber ,
: industrial,noise stuff,Japanese noise,visual kei, goth, Goth Lolita,cosplay cafes
: techno , electro , ambient techno , drift, Basic Channel
rock glam machine roc , blues hard rock , jazz , classical , ethnic
we have seen this constant subdividing of cultures into subcultures go on for some decades now , one question I did ask a Japanese anthropologist was whether he could ever foresee a time when this wasn't the mode ? He said he didn't think so ...

I'm not so sure.
Events can make people act as a group for a time , but there would have to be other attractions to keep a group together or to unify them for any length of time
but some times are ripe for free agents and mid to large groups working together for awhile as meta groups .

Likewise in music genres , will there be another music that could transcend the micro niches we've built up in our minds ?
Well, yes I plainly think there will be , it's out there just about in view .
When the differences in subgenres become so minute as to become 'micro' ,
when you pull back and look at the historical continuum of connected genres ,
'micro'/ (is 'nanohouse' next ?) is still 'techno'/ Club / Dance /Electronic and the differences in the sub so specific down to type of highhat , exact tempos (just a few BPM's apart from another subgenre) and production types but it's still usually the familiar Kick and Snare , hi hats same patterns not so much difference anyway.
I just don't see alot of power/ force / juice / momentum there

News is grim and new music will have the chance to reflect our times
Where there once was general optimism among the people ,
the years since 2000 have proven to be terrible times to behold and live through
now down in ol New Orleans bad moon rising , when the levee breaks indeed -
we just hope help got their finally . Thank someone they found Fats Domino !
But this has become (literally overnight) our own Escape From NY /'from LA / New Orleans scenario.
As usual , the preparations were too little and weak , response time pitiful
did we lose a whole city's culture ? everything will have to be done again
and when will they get to go back ? many animals died and will continue to perish
Houston may a tough ride ahead too , that dome is already filled ...

Meanwhile parts of Europe try to recover from floods ,
China was hit hard too , next typhoon off Japan . Beware the savage jaw

Watched some digivideo today I brought back - of being in the forest up in Hanno with cicadas all around whirring chirping the way they do , one can be seen gliding between the tall trees .
The camera settles , recording a little rising and falling insectoid songs during one late afternoon deepening shadows , high green rolling mountains in the distance
Deeply peaceful


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