Wednesday, August 24, 2005

upcoming , present , last week

Final plan for Venice , prod meetings , final mail out .
We have our tour dates , driver will be set for Sept.22

Before i go DCC goes bk up to Studio soon to finish up tracks for the 3 new Ep tracks (Drag Racing /deepSpacewoman /Funky Dream Four)

Also new mixes on the public domain songs Yellow Rose Of Texas and
In The Good Old Summertime in preparation for release

when i return we will begin work on The Voodooists rerelease and organizing for the black rain rerelease

what i was calling the 'No wave proto electro NYC 1980 -1984 Collection' is being set for Jan. release on Soul Jazz as 'NY Noise Three' . This collection gets to gritty streets No wave of UT , Devo-machinemensch of IMplog , the radio CB synth of Boris Policeband and the freeform techno electro of Ike Yard and others .

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On this day in the year 410 the Goths sacked Rome
i think about such things as i go through some kind of day now some days after returning from Japan .
I had read some text of Nicholas Roerich from when he traveled across remote Central Asia in 1926 and that's been bubbling in my mind
sifting what will be the upcoming trip to out there Western Tibet , W China
Images of the caves , the sand covered ruins , interview with a man picking through the ruins on the NHK program we saw last week

Thinking sometimes about the earthquake we felt in Ohashi , now a week ago

Reading on the Times about the unrest in China and the CCParty's decision to enforce their will by raising new teams to deal with any unrest or 'terrorism' .
'172,000 complaints and nothing fixed' or to that effect

It was very good to check back in to Tokyo , see my friends , see family and make new friends and new business things fluid , loose , taking easy days of not doing so much - least week we did it to the top by the time we reached Odaiba


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