Friday, August 19, 2005

in the AM

Woke up in NYC . 4:29 AM
Back in my big soft wide bed , have to look around for the first couple seconds -
yeah back in my place now .
Roll over to see the red lights blinking on and off the tops of buildings downtown - no not Shinjuku this time
Outlines of humans structures out there in the cool night far windows lit up
drifting this AM through many thoughts ,ideas , memories from 28 days and nights in Japan ...
now well into the bubble - ish experience of returning after a good sized trip somewhere far away hearing the music we listened to ...
sorting through 900 CD's and DVD's of Noyuri's brother Akira's collection

One evening before i left
Noyuri and i made it outside to do one great thing that hot day ,
Around 4 PM we caught the new train line out of Shinbashi monorail across Rainbow Bridge out to feel cool wind in Odaiba , one of the really commercially developed artificial islands on Tokyo Bay.
Knows me knows how i love those islands , the very idea of them and seeing them again by simply staying on the rail the whole length out past Big Site to Ariake was just great.
Vast vistas of downtown buildings edging out onto the waters edge ,
ol Tokyo Tower beacon magnet in a skyline mix of sharp looking buildings ,
Shiodome , Number 13 island
giant loading docks skelatals like from Evangelion outlined against the ink black of non - lit space.
Touches of Hong Kong (old HK) in the neon lined ferrys barges boats
floating sheltered by break walls covered in bright green veg
area , bobbing there with the long curving artificial beach stretching on around .
Some reminders of Battery Park City too , the plunge into green areas after walking in shadows of huge buildings , laugh of people moving a bit slower and less robotic then bk 'in town'...and there was a breeze
on this fine day Tokyo August 17 .
Grand openess of views out onto water ,
neon slick Tokyo Bay water that has been subverted from what used to be it's natural patterns made to move around these giant islands that are continually jutting further and further out into the Bay ...
28 days . From Tokyo to Osaka , Kamakura to Odaiba ,
Yuri's to Ikejiri - Ohashi and some other places in between .
Planning days having to combine locked in dates with busy people we love and have to see and then all the new stuff that pops up , people who call , how hot it was that given day and how we felt at the time .
Didn't get the same really tired feeling i used to get by the time i left
Tokyo this time . I used to not be able to handle all the differences and they ganged up until i was relieved seeing my last day day in Japan.
Did get tired of course , some overdrinking , overeating and maybe a touch of oxygen deprivation but i didn't feel burned out by it like before .
5 years since i last went , throughly processed/analyzed/digested/recovered and zen since my last trip to Japan .

More to come ...
Distracted by late night . a group of NYC students get out of cabs at 4:40 loud
early morning garbage truck gassing through
Stuyvesant Town and look up to see the sun's come up
Peace out


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