Wednesday, August 10, 2005

post gig Tokyo

And so the post-gigs period began ...

With the hardest work done, we set about showing Michael D some of Toyko and surroundings.
We went up top of Roppongi Hills for the excellent surround view, would have been nice to finally see Mt.Fuji - but again , not today.
But the sun set like a red rubber ball beyond Nishi Shinjuku as we waited for the hanabi above the city.

There was a surprisingly deep show on the Silk Road China in the Mori gallery a floor below and three gift shops featuring all kinds of nice stuff - like detailed figures from the famous Bosch painting and cards, art pieces galore.

Next we went out to Kamakura (after the trains started running again).
This was great we entered the zen temples at Engakuji (will correct spelling)and stayed there for the afternoon,lost in the gardens, temples, private dwellings and pond.
Just the air alone made it worth going , steam hot -yes, but quiet and calm like you expect.
An old sennen` monk with long white beard strolled through the complex as we rested on a bench, workers buzzed around on scooters and a few other tourists hung out.
Ended our trip by taking the trolley to Inamora black sand beach where we could spy a Japanese military ship offshore , had a nice dinner at Peters ,saw the clouds lift enough to see back to Zushi and after nightfall we caught another fireworks show before heading home to Tokyo.
Next night there was a fine DCC after-gig party @ the Wire Cafe in the KDD building off Omotosando.
Kan ,Skatething ,Peter Daugherty , Kozo, Yumi and friends , Makoto and Nori ,Ms. Oda and friend ,Michelene (sp.?)
Takashi brought Kunio direct from his Hawaii trip

Next day the other DCC boys went bk to Narita and we packed out of Hiroo over to Meguro -Ikejiri where we are still ...


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