Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Interiors December

Cold days staying in.
Gleaming, slightly twisting metal of new Gehry residental Tower downtown shines ever morning and late afternoon dark comes too early these days.

Excellent live set by Mike Slott last Thur's night,
one could hear, feel and see how much music has changed and become beyond plastic.
Followed a couple hours later by meeting Veronica Vasicka of Minimal Wave, Inner Gaze and friends @ Dan & Jeremy's Dazzle Ships night @ Heathers.
Felt just like early night's when I first came to town and went to say, Max's for a look -see ...
Still excited by the time I got home, buzzed on music straight no alcohol.

Half watched "Manufactured Landscapes" while reviewing entire old "Futures" thread on Dissensus.
"ML" def recommended ...
First half of Frankheimer's "Ronin" followed by last 10m and end credits of Soderberg's "Solaris".
Another fine episode of "Ryomaden" w English sub's.
Dr. Dre in faceplate mask on a PC CM ...

Guided meditation @ CRS was helpful as ever, thank you Yasuko.
Half hour on phone w Paul G after his trip to Rio, fun to hear about Rio , the police were raiding the favela while he was there doing a sound installation for artist.
We are preparing to remix track from Tokyo by Taut Line & Hong Kong In The '60's for Diskotopia.

Working on Dominatrix & Death Comet Crew reissues for the new Streetwise 2011,
writing, organizing 2011

Noyuri came in after midnight, in from the cold and a MOMA Warhol party with Japanese crew and gracious Laura G,
hear they were showing those old 'screen tests' again to a packed crowd.
Will do time as an extra in their shoot on Sat. w KT and Rinko Kikuchi for Japanese clothing film shoot !
And so have to go downtown and buy a hat for that when it gets a little warmer tomorrow ...


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