Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the night before 9/11

One night before this last 9/11,
one of the new Docu dramas on it came on and I caught a glimpse of another angle of the plane hitting the tower .
Gasped and clicked to the next channel.
But the lights downtown were beautiful again,
a note of animal sad when we learned thousands of birds came to the lights and got caught up in a giant swirl of birds in the semi dark.
Solemn reading of the names again, flowers filling the pool. Michelle Obama at Shanksburg crash site.
And that day seemed to quiet the growing anxiety and lunacy of the previous political week.
9/11 still a powerful thing in our memories no doubt.

Jared Diamond's "Collapse" on Nat. Geo was also sobering ...
Quintet and Zardoz often paired on Cable
Sailing the Northwest passage.
Earthquakes continued last week, this week Afghanistan.
Floods again in Northern Pakistan and India.
'globalization cuts both ways'


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