Wednesday, December 01, 2010


One week after returning from Lisbon the afternoon of Nov.23
having processed the many images, faces , names
from across 3 weeks travel time between Newark - Lisbon .

We did miss this bad cold spell in London and Europe , Berlin yesterday
and luckily I did get out of Lisbon the day before the strike

2010 draws to a close
A good year topped by moments of real joy in Europe these past weeks.
Outpost 13 did 4 performances-Lisbon , Oporto , Berlin and London live radio recording for possible Dec.12 airing,
JG Ballard night initiated w Porto , the experimental 'audio movie' Vandal Tribes EP by O13 & Luca Davis out now on REC003 ! .
And over the next few months O13 will do the rest of the debut album.

The Ike Yard new album Nord came out is is getting out there still w vinyl coming .
That was following the Phisteria "Oshima Cassette" 10" main fruit of our reformation in 2007,
DCC has a new 12" underway and the whole new album looking for a home .
Dominatrix is back in play and album is in production, listening to songs 6 & 7 the other day,
relieved to hear they still make sense and sound good

REC has begun building by Dec. of this year into 2011 w releases for the next 2 years I've been working out the past couple days now that the urge to take a nap around 3-4 PM has receded ; Dystopians , Voodooists , Black rain , Sdtks collection plus new music from new artists.
Polystyle project X ' new album of songs, pieces, soundscapes from 1998 * Annapurna Range ,
2000 * Khumbu Region + Phi Phi Island . That's around 8 pieces now underway w a few new ones started in Europe.

Will not soon forget the ride from Tarifa to Malaga wind turbined hills and hills of Morocco across the straight ,
the glare hidden massed shape of Gibraltar, glimpse of a dazzling tiled white compound seemingly topping their own hill,
Repetition in waves of condo squares rising , up and breaking along the green and brown w highway running along the edge of Costa Del Sol ...


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