Saturday, December 04, 2010

Rampa, Nomi & Ryoma

Highlights ;

On Friday arrived a fresh remix of DCC track TBA to be released on label TBA.
Listening again now ... light touch ice strobe fleeting future vip TBA on track for 2011 release .
That's a *ucking highlight right

Listening to Rampa & Nomi's track earlier in the week. Was good again. Like it.

A long running Japanese drama we have been watching - Ryoma - came to a startlingly bloody end,
even after seeing the preview many times Ryoma's end gripped millions i'm sure.
Ryoma died because he had worked and lived for change in a world where also lives those who didn't want any change from their present set ups .
In the case of this drama, Ryoma is played by a cool actor and musician who in an early episode,
meets the Black Ships when they come to Japan.
He goes on from there, negotiating, surviving and in the same time trying to build something for Japan.
But after awhile there's a line of people who want to take him out
I try to find a clip or promo ...

The intense cold wave from London through Europe to Berlin this past week 1. made me glad we also missed this
2. also sorry for those who are too cold ! seriously.
We are spoiled here in US by what we pay for heating or for auto fuel.


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