Wednesday, August 25, 2010

After the rains

Rainy cloudy August days, full moon last night but could not see it.
Productive period - even with a Mercury retrograde on

Apocalypse Island- Mayan Island off the coast
Flame & Citroen
Valhalla Rising

Planning more polystyle songs

Great mix session last night with Mark for "Vandal Tribes",
a sweep through dealing with a dozen little things, editing, setting levels, sometimes clearing out extra, in -between things.
The work now begins to have a face, it's quite fleeting changeable, as is the text.
It was already written in almost 'cut up ' form, sections edited together to tell a story.
"Vandal Tribes" does take you somewhere ... past , present or future

Just listened to the entire Ike Yard album Nord again on CD;
hearing it with a little distance , feel once or twice ( Robot Steppes ) touch or echos of Harmonia,
most apparent when there is Michael's electric guitar in the mix with the synths


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