Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer weeks

Summer weeks drift and flow
hot, humid at times, the heat wears you down a bit .
Yellow gray storm clouds, bright sunshine blasting 14th St.
Floods, fires, storms, drought, earthquake yesterday in S America.
No daily 'routine' as everything continues here on Floor 12.
outpost 13 finishing soundtrack for KT for, finalizing artwork for REC003 "Vandal Tribes".
Ike Yard CD "Nord" copies arrived,
Dominatrix new songs over to Paul Geluso, discussing new projects, reissues
Nomi tracks over to Paul
Jamie is reworking a couple pieces from "Neuromancer" '94 sdtk,

Nick Drake docu
Visual Acoustics on LA modernist architecture photography
NHK docu on raising "Peace" the first polar bear brought up in a Japanese zoo.
Sad video of him convulsing while swimming in his pool -thankfully his person was watching on closed circuit TV and could save him.

August 1 No Wave Sunday show with Convoution went well, good to see a clubful of people came out , variety of music Dj'd by Rick Brown over the evening with each group having it's own sound but it all seemed to go together and stretch to become a soundtrack for the whole experience

8/5 Birthday dinner @ Hasaki. Quite good food and good time talking and walk home.

8/6 Outstanding Hallo Gallo 2010 with Michael Rother, Steve Shelly and bassist from Tall Pines . Just great.
Hearing them go into "Immer Wieder" from Harmonia was really something special to us.
Cheers Michael Rother for bringing the musik !


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