Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Times & data space

Event horizon yawns.
How much time do we have left ?
What was good about the past ?
Making sense in the present ?
How far into the future ...

"Some say the world will end by fire, some say by ice..."
It's been said 'the world has ended four times' and we stand on some edge of the fifth.
I can believe that, seeing the endless crawl of 'news' bits every minute, every second ...

But up in the summer woods on Breakneck Ridge last Friday, everything seems possible
Rounding a corner on the trail to rest a minute in awe of a sky filling wall of green mountain,
leaves turned downside up in a hot breeze, feeling air currents ebb and flow
and sensing how close those buzzards really are as they swoop patrol just above where we are sitting.

Day to day crisis' , taking them one by one.
The bull*hit never stops does it ?
Babies born, legends mourned, drinks poured and stuff smoked.
Situations resolve, 700 odd emails looked through, old friends make contact, new art & musik made.

"In distance scans, a giant bird is flapping towards us right now."
Now listening: Black neurons by Outpost


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