Sunday, May 23, 2010

Best Death Comet Crew

Best Death Comet Crew in memory happened last night @ Public Assembly in Bk.
no soundcheck, the club's mixer was a bit broke for DJ High Priest's set, no drink tickets and no dollar bills made,
but the music was right there.
thank you partners in DCC High Priest and Michel Diekmann, the freaky deak !
Cheers Tobaggan, thanks Rob and keep shining Beans ...

Ike Yard's Sistol remix metal fire = metalli tutulli coming out on Phthalo Records
Moritz von Oswald Trio @ Warsaw June 3 ( with Mr. Sistol, Mr. Vladislav Delay - Sasu R )

Sundance Ch. this coming week -8:30 Tue's "Burning Ice"
Rubin Museum Wed. @ 7 Crossing Zangskar Screening

Erykah Badu June 7


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