Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer babies

Some hot days for sure,
but one cooling night Nick Taylor aka DJ High Priest brought his family up to the Oval for a little r & r in the green grass,
the next night we went out to an opening for Co Ba , by a friend of ours who used to own the Viet Namese place on First Ave. called Cyclo, then later Nam downtown.
Drank champagne and a cocktail with a parade of choice rolls, sections of Banh mi sandwiches on thin planks that went all too quickly.
The moon came out to stay over the past nights.
We couldn't see the partial eclipse the other early morning, but did see a ghostly photo taken by an Air Force base it looked like.
Orange again last night
Our friends Saori & Atsushi had their luna baby on Friday night ...

And that's how it's been rolling around her lately


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