Monday, June 21, 2010

Solstice !

Summer solstice
last night's sunset moments slowed down in an especially gentle and long fade
together with the moon hanging in the sky energy in the air

Old Boy
World Cup Portugal vs N Korea

OOOutpost is on a tear with 4 -6 new songs hatched some weeks ago,
jammed on in rehearsals and now good enough to be our 'demo'
organizing for possible early Nov. into Dec. European tour of JG Ballard nights

Ike Yard is done and is coming out soon, "Nord" is a wicked album.
We never thought there would be new music coming out from the group what - 27 years later.
The Sistol "Nuomo" remix ( Metalli Tulitta or Metal Fire remix, last cut on the Sistol rerelease ) is also wicked ,
evolving production between IY and our friend, engineer and co producer on this album and the Acute rerelease ,
Paul Geluso

Juan Molina on the Oval Wed night 7:30
Tinariwen @ Central Park Sat after 3


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