Thursday, June 21, 2007

the solstice, Ludus Linder & Lecht

And so it is on this solstice day and lengthy evening
we are happy to see that the former 'Ludus Linder', Linda Mulvey aka Linder Sterling
is having a show of decades of her work over in Long Island City @ PS.1
We should remember her essential collage covers for early Buzzcocks bk in that DIY punk day ...

Some light fell this past week onto the name and person of Charles Lecht.
Sadly enough, 'Deceased' as I learned online
(but no obit/ notice date floating in cyberspace it seems, so i'm curious as to 'when' this er , state was achieved ... ) ,
Charles Phillip Lecht appears to have been a rather well known , quoteable computer /systems consultant in the 60's - '70's.
Coining phrases such as 'waves of change' , 'artificial experience' in his time spent telling industry about the coming influence of computers and standing up to the Fed /Gov / Military Komplex when their BS got too far off base.

But I knew Charles from the 1986 book The Tomorrow Makers by Grant Fjermedal.
Subtitled A Brave New World Of Living - Brain Machines, Grant's book got us fired up about Charles and his ideas about holograms in clouds and music reading & playing robots in Japan.
We met in Tokyo 1988 after he graciously invited strangers over to his plugged in and cozy home in Ichigaya.
For the next hours after introductions , drinks and CG demo video watching and dinner
we had an evening of wild conversation, speculation and stories from Japan's emerging digital fronts.
Cheers Lecht , the ideas were rocking and may they continue to do so ...


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