Thursday, September 28, 2006

Orange clouds billowing above

Back at home after 27 days in Japan ,
everything's calm and our bed felt so great last night
Shimokitazawa Shinjuku Daikenyama Shibuya Harajuku again Ebisu Aoyama Shibuya Chichibu Ebisu
3 weeks of High Definition programming on the family home's plasma TV
Abe comes in as new PM with good tone
There's a high sound some of the trains make as they accelerate , a synthetic tone rises and falls as the train leaves the station
A pair of outrageously S&M Goth styled women coming out onto the big Ginza intersection , intricate neck piece on one of the ladies was intense
as they left Ginza Green
Catching the outdoor performance that Hutchan and Hishinuma were involved in
White piano playing at what was really a ritual celebration of the start of construction for this large building project. Possibly a Shinto related thing ...
Excursions to Akihabara , hours spend in Ginza shooting film Omiya food shopping
A beautiful hostess getting out of taxis in front of Roppongi nightspot
Gold Street Kabukicho Shin - Okubo Shibuya Pride Glide Gold
One night Robot Ghosty Blow Strut Berry and the splendid Jusglitty
Leaving Gattaca Bar on it's quiet back street in Aoyoma,
scattering strays that hover by the Bar entrance
Newsweek and Time on Japanese web biz , what war with Iran would look like and immigrants in Tokyo
Madsaki Vs Takahashi HK book in Logo Bookshop
Best udon in Shibuya hit the spot

... great things going with DCC,
Amiens France white nights thing Oct.7 with James Chance , Gavin & Delia ,
heard Liquid Liquid mentioned earlier , but not confirmed. I hope they are there !
DCC album demo got out there and things seem to be coming along, heating up

Dominatrix ( Delic's Pieces 11 (2) Collection released 9/20) sounded great in Tokyo

IK is recieving great reviews Pitchfork yesterday, Dusted (odd one, that)
Downtown Music Gallery, Iank on Exploding Plastic
'dark in the best way--spartan ,careful, slightly dubby,vaguely funky,a little ambient, a little menacing'
We were talking about The Voodooists rerelease in Tokyo
I showed the Diaries to quite a few people and got a great reaction and encouragement towards doing the project (10 years of NYC Nightclubbing diaries between 1980-1990)

Another offer from Australia this time , re: The Rudements (1976,'77) .
what do we have ? , a good Ep's worth , the songs from Don Zientara's new Studio
... .... ..... ... ...


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