Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Odaiba bay from elevated highway

Now's the time to look back on some of the great things that happened this year.
The Japanese release of This Is Riphop by Delic gave us the chance to go and play 7/30 which was fantastic and the fall "Bi- Conicals of The Rammellzee" Europe Tour 9/18- 10/3 starting with the Venice Bienalle was a real adventure as well ...

7/21/'05 . Riding in from airport in the rented sedan Yoshi was driving right into Tokyo Bay area on elevated highway that runs by Odaiba the big artificial island . Glaring afternoon sun tinted carglass, reflecting off cars in line as we rose high above the Bay . Below us on the artificial island , Tokyoites were strolling along the artificial beach facing the city . We drive through Tokyo's rows of buildings over to Hiroo to get dropped off at the apartment we were staying at , we begin to unpack and get ready to go out into Tokyo.
Eating at Daruma , revisiting Spiral Building and noticed the Delic DCC release there in the store
Camping out in the Yamanashi countryside with clean river pools lush green
with hills and small mountains in near distance . Up in the dawn down by the river , sun rising on pale mountains mist.
We missed an earthquake felt in Tokyo when we were away
26/ Typhoon came through two days later
29/ Then we went by Bullet Train to Osaka for the first gig ...


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