Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pacific plate, Black rain

10 weeks on
Summer in full swing
By the end of May the green space inside Stuyvesant Town called the Oval was reopened
so we can go out and just lie out on the grass at 7 AM or PM and meditate, breath and relax, at least a few times each week.
The fireflies have been coming out in the evenings for 3 -4 weeks now,
20 at a time lighting on and off across the flat expanse of green lawn.
Leave the city out on 14th Street ...

By now the situation in Japan has both moderated and grown more complex ; school yards filled with debris and main avenues cleared but citizens still not being let back to their homes at the same time others drift from shelters around Japan.
Then last week another good shock or quake closer to Tokyo and was it a 5.5 just yesterday ?
these instances rate a place on US newscrawls but i didn't see any mention of it on NHK, for example.
It's a little nervous time in Tokyo when they can't tell if the next tremor is another aftershock or the feared 'Big one'.

Last year there had been some plans to go back to Japan this fall to play but it may take another year for o13 to get over there.
This year i'd like to return to Europe again in late fall, but we'll have to see.

Music is bubbling at a high pitch
Ike Yard began another album by taking up pieces we were working on when we our last sessions ended -
we have about 5-7 pieces from the "Nord" period.
Also having fun recording our sessions new works that we're all excited about .
On June 6, 13 and again yesterday we have gotten together at MD's to jam, now there's 11 pieces for Ike Yard '4'.
Who would have thought ...

outpost 13 will soon be aka o13 -
and is in the thick of completing our new version of the sequencer based piece "Lost pavillion" for a 12" on Italo label Opilec Records - who are also releasing the UNIT'S CONNECTIONS reissue w a Dominatrix remake of the UNIT's early synth punk
"i,Night" .
James Lo - who used to be in Live Skull w Mark - did play drums on the track we are finishing tracking and mixing now.
o13 also completing another projected Ep and album. outpost 13 aka o13 on Face book. Music under 'info' on Sonic Bids

New attention to Dominatrix not only with the upcoming Streetwise reissue deal but also a projected remix album on vinyl , CD ,digital with unreleased and rare Dom tracks, t shirts as well and best of all - new Dom tracks .
6 underway now, new connections, collabs TBA
I have also begun meeting with DJ Ivan , original Dominatrix co producer about doing some new tracks.
With "The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight" 30th Anniversary coming in 2014,
we will need new Dom vocalists and will be casting for new singers , dancers !

Art by Jeanne Mammen

and finally, some attention to Rec's next release.
Current thinking is to do an Ep spanning the group's music ,
from sessions w Roy M @ Water's Studio on the West Side to a "Neuromancer" sdtk piece circa 1994.
Followed by 2 albums of songs and pieces from between 1989 - '93 and '94 -'98

More records then ever going on .
Keeping track on what's on with each takes some doing.
In addition to new music releases, currently these are all going forward TBA
* Dominatrix "The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight" reissue on the new Streetwise label through Phase One . Projected 2011 release
* Death Comet Crew "At The Marble Bar" reissue also on Streetwise / Phase One . worldwide release, 2011 or early '12
* DCC "Galacticoast Mosi" 12" EP on Citinite, London.

also out now- Ike Yard Nord vinyl ltd. edition (300), a nice collab w Mirror Mirror FRKWYS 5 on RVNG.INT.
and from our first group - The Rudements- a rerelease on London's Future Noise label w Kris Need's "Dirty Water's" # 2 collection ...

Also working on other projects, some involving more time in Europe, next Fin De Siecle.
Also in the last 10 weeks, attending the Neue Gallerie' 'Vienna 1900" show twice, MOMA's "Expressionists" show and last week ,the Met's excellent Alexander McQueen show have been food for thought and work.

Meanwhile , high solar activity, volcano's, earth quakes still going on , Chile again yesterday ?, Pacific plate is not quiet . Yet


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