Sunday, May 08, 2011

After the tour

Mark C and SA from 4/23 Belgium. photo by ives from Mea Kusma
The European tour April 12 - 27 w outpost 13 went well !
beautiful weather in London, Paris and Belgium, good standing room only crowd in London's Dalston for Jonny Mugwup's Vortex Club night and by the last show in Belgium got a "Black neurons" encore..
Sitting down on Seine's edge with Parisians at the north tip of lse de Citie,
exploring corners in Shakespeare Books out of the blasting sunlight "The Millenium People" by JG Ballard.
Catching up with The Young Gods in Bastille the last night.
Our last morning in Paris we walked around the backhill and across the bridge to find Heinrich Heine's striking white marble statue and gravesite in Monmarte cemetary. Still quiet under the bridge traffic. Layers of gravesites unfold as you walk through silent lanes.
From Brussels the local train glides us through green countryside, towns with buildings boarded, rivers,
creeks forests intact on hillsides glimpsed until the next turn.

A small river flows over an old mill line across from the studio had been set up in Eupen meditation center
and so JJulian ( Frankfurt artist ) and i recorded 4 tracks in 3 days that should be released coming up !
this was exciting, great hookup w mixer, speakers and nice synths like the PPG Wave 2, Korg Ms 20 to play with.
In three days we came up with 4 pieces based on sounds he made for his own EP including New Path and other tracks by J Julian

In Eupen I had time to draw and it was relaxing to sit on that green hill outside Eupen and draw the distance with cows grazing not far away as i sat with Julian, Christoph and Christian & Mea Kusma crew.
By now i have been more then a week back home have written my notes about the trip continuing to process what all we did over those 16 days.
In addition taking the trip as a mind vacation and further thoughts and dreams and next trip to Europe are coming up.

world keeps turning
Sitting out tonight under bright green spring trees, quiet expanse of green grass growing ...
Game Of Thrones, Camelot, True Blood,
Thus Spake Zarathustra,


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