Friday, August 07, 2009

Shining summer

Great show on NHK the other night; Dubai through the eyes of a Japanese architect.
building sites, walking through old city at night, designing work from the inside out, all built on sand !

Satisfied with the sessions Ike Yard pulled off last week, the album goes to Phisteria directly.

Type N
Orange tom
Oshima cassette
Metallic blank
Beautifully terrible
Robot steppes

outpost is shining with soundtrack for Luca Davis audio movie' more then halfway done, laying down bass tracks tonight.
Meanwhile setting dates for the upcoming JG Ballard tributes with WFMU, Resonance FM, Monkeytown tba shortly.
In between , the group has been preparing for more recordings towards the groups first release.
The sound has evolved.

Voodooists Ep out on iTunes very soon.

Beautiful moon over the past few nights, an eclipse on night of the 5th, Jupiter has been shining next to the moon.
Blinking lights, pulsing read lights helicopters and 747's.
Great show by John Kelly last night, doing Joni MItchell as part of the Woodstock celebration.
Well into summer, some rain still though.


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