Thursday, June 04, 2009

Musical weekend

Some very nice nights this past week and weekend, black skies and clear white moon hanging in the sky.
Flowers white blossoms by the doorway, thunderstorms late at night, a pair of nightbirds singing in the trees below.
Obama at the Pyramids.
Nice rehearsal last night with outpost; all seven pieces run through - lots to think about.
Tonight I pack for three nights upstate at Riverglass Studios for Death Comet Crew mix sessions.
Almost completing the album.
Also a final bit of work preparing Ike Yard's Citiesglit for remix upcoming 10" ...

We should be able to have most of the new DCC album mixed by the time we leave on Sunday;
likewise Ike Yard's Citiesglit in the bag on Sat., ready to be remixed in Denmark ...
IY has first the 10" coming out this summer and the new album coming hopefully later in 2009 on Phisteria.

Listening: R Sakamoto's Out of Noise


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