Thursday, July 02, 2009

Scanning the perimeter

That outpost rehearsal jam Fri. was ripping; the group worked up one song perimeter into a powerhouse fat funky bass with Mark's silver handcuffs tune.
Two other former 'jams' were also put onto the 'song' track.

Saturday we had gone up to Central Park to check Istanbul Live day of Turkish music & food but when we got there it was already too crowded and so instead we walked down the tree lined lane to South end of park until the clouds broke open.
Standing under a dripping tree we see that Oliver Stone is there too, chatting and laughing into an earpiece, soaking wet.

Finished the DUSTED Top 10 Sunday.
Sundance docu night mon. screened Wild Combination , on Arthur Russell. And it was good !
Visions of Arthur in the hallway of the 12th St. building, headphones clamped on head. No words exchanged.

Jay Reatard rocked the Oval last night, a mass of core fans in the center of the green.
Trio of Italian girls came across the muddy edge to sit next to us and smoke ...


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