Thursday, July 02, 2009

New Order -Ike Yard poster found ...

Interesting email from John Cooper @ Cerysmatic this week -
someone found an old poster for the show IY did with New Order at the Ukrainian National Home bk in 1981 (or '82 !).
It says Factory & Blind Dates - that was Ruth Polsky's booking moniker and has 'New Order' hand drawn by your's truly.

Can barely remember doing it !
It should surface soon enough.
RIP Ruth Polsky ...


Blogger Strangely Perfect said...

Yay Stuart!
These little hauntings from the past just won't lie down! I can concur with your statement about "barely remembering". I have a lot like that which is why I've tried to write it all down. Saying that, some things are as clear and colourful as crystal. Such are the workings of the human mind...


4:22 AM  

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