Sunday, August 23, 2009

Obscured by clouds...

Soundtracks ongoing

We swept through the Luca Davis audio movie project front to back and it's come together,
made room so Jamie Vex'd piece can now be it's own part/section.
Total 4 parts over about 23m ...
Will send a rough to Luca this coming week ...

JG Ballard Atrocity Exhibition- we began laying tracks yesterday, working from a slightly different basic palette.
Hope to get to Time, Memory and Inner Space, time has gotten tight with the air date moved forward because of an ATP party @ WFMU, same time we worked on a whole 'nother soundtrack the other week only to have that get canned.
But it's great to hear Atrocity's text really come to life. hearing meaning that was simply missed previously.
And with it done by an Englishmen makes the words flow , on a few levels.
Next week is crunch time, should be ok .

Cable. Bruce Webber's Chop Suey. Found this on cable the other night and was surprised at how it -
like others seen this year ( Peter Beard's docu ) -caught a feeling among friends on a scene, moments in another time.
Sometimes it was simply a collage of video imagery, newspaper clippings or photos;
a B % W print of photo by someone of Wm Burroughs lying on Tangiers sand, smiling at the camera.
A Webber sequence with nude young man playing with an elephant on a beach ... so playful, not ogle- y.
Friends telling stories about this gay performer old friend of theirs from era of Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr.

When combined with recent weeks of finding old friends on FB, seeing first posters from our first group posted online (FB ),
'80's photos and still from our unfinished movie short online (FB) , the recent flurry of Woodstock moments -
flashbacks in overload.

Webber was followed by Fierce People, also more interesting then it first appeared.

Fri night: Mag Bo & DJ Ripley @ Glasslands .So glad we made it in time to hear Ripley do her whole set.
Soon after starting she went into more minimal, stripped down afro /dub / brokecore action - and that made the night.
Everyone danced.
Maga Bo was good, suffered from unclear sound at first but the mix got better as he went along ...
Cheers Maga Bo for bringing it to BK.

Sunday. Today outpost heads bk to Hoboken to jam, play around and rehearse the JGB inspired song piece we 've made and plan to record live @ WFMU 9/5 ...


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