Sunday, May 24, 2009

Waves of summer

On recent sunny days, people couldn't resist getting out into it and as the green was closed off they brought chairs, laid out on around the fountain facing the sun.
Now that the Oval has been reopened during the days it's covered with oiled bodies stripped in heat haze pollen.
Student tenants crossing 14th St. in waves of 5 -10, trios of young women on their way out.
A loud slap from down on the basketball court as a kid tries to go up into the net for a slamdunk,
gets his hand stuck in it and is pulled right down onto side of his face. Homie laughs until he realizes how hurt his friend is.
Girlfriend runs to his side but he doesn't move much once he's down.
Out by the East River the other night to watch the river run and the sun set.
Waves coming in over the little sandy beach, one large commorant flying low over the river,
a group of husky guys fishing on one end of the park.
Waves come in again and break against the seawall.
Poster went up this week about the concerts on the Oval, they have Jay Reatard coming through, among others.

Black Meteoric Star at MOMA. Up in the atrium the Friday night crowd was peeling 3 D glasses from oversized masks given out at the door, free beers and two dancing girls in tight metallic shimmer dress and panties. A bank of synth stuff, sequenced lines ontop of massed mid and bass, dropping into the bigger beat.

Sundance. The Piano Tuner Of Earthquakes by Quay Brothers followed by their old animation shorts. Some scenes in the movie were amazing and the old ones brought them all back, clear and crisp as if remastered ...

outpost began recording again this past week and in two sessions did lay down Nightning and League City basic tracks.
Best version of League City so far !


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