Friday, May 08, 2009

Playing tapes of different cities ...

We got the Ike Yard mixes for the upcoming 10" this week and they are ... awesome
On the Oshima cassette mix everything sounds right in it's place and connecting with the other parts.
Citiesglit got pushed up too, and clear.

JG Ballard tributes : We have been busy with pulling together art and music in the wake of the man's passing .
Currently developing:
Excerpts from Atrocity Exhibition / Time , Memory and Inner Space essay / possibly Super Cannes
SA /outpost / Judy Nylon / Mark Fisher - K-Punk +
Broadcasts by WFMU ( NJ / NYC ), Resonance FM ( London ) +
Performances. Monkeytown +

Last Fri. we made a Blank City screening, hugs Dan, hi to Donny.
The docu covers a good deal of ground pretty well , short clips of the period movies ,
some choice comments by John Waters, Jim Jarmusch , Sara Driver and John Lurie , among others,
and an outstanding soundtrack !

Visit Makabu showing downtown Sat. Fresh , original works

Was able to finish rereading Wm Burrough's Cities Of The Red Night over last weekend

Future Earth Terra Project , Andrew Revkin program

The green trees have filled out and it's great ,
Nightly the birds do sing
pollen - yes

outpost rehearsal tonight , first session since the show.
The group is well on it's way with Kent holding down serious bass weight,
now concentrating on recording some pieces with him and rolling forward.

REC News :
REC002 Voodooists EP nearing completion
REC003 Nowthenafter EP near complete
( Blueprints For Aural Cathedrals by Judy Nylon & SA / Narco pet rmx by Mal Torrance & SA / Nowthenafter SA & Shimokawa )
REC004 & 005 tba soon !

Out to Long Beach last night around midnight .
Drive by JFK and beyond under street lights blurred by rings of moist fog hanging in the air.
Walked off the boardwalk down to the sand which was perfectly smoothed and billowy soft.
Sea foam washed up , almost full moon on the waves turning them whitish and yellow
then the fog covered the moon completely
the sound of waves


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