Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Avant Fairfax Fest.

This past weekend was outpost's trip South to Wash DC and N Va. for the show @ Avant Fairfax Fest.
We got on the road, quite hot sun whitening a broad clear sky and within an hour or so we hit a traffic jam.
People were getting out of their cars to see what happened, it grew hotter as heat waves rose from the road surface.
There was an outlet though, a small bridge up and over the highway and back the way we came, we took it and drove back to a rest area where we heard what the accident actually was ...
'Autogeddon' - Two 18 wheelers, 6-7 cars ,one burned down to metal frame, ambulances and stretchers we heard from 2 guys in the Men's.
We saw a way down an alt highway and were cruising South again in minutes.
Further on we crossed all the old landmarks I remembered from trips North with the family when I was a kid and we rolled into Fairfax in not bad time.

The show went fine, we played 7 new cuts for about a 35m set and got offers to do more shows in DC.
Jammed my thumb closing the Jeep's door before soundcheck , but took an aspirin and didn't notice it after awhile.
Fine sets by Stage Hare, Anduin, Mike Tamburo and Kohoutek.
Met some new people, we had been invited by Scott from Kohoutek, members of Lithia corsica congratulated us on the show and we talked about possibly doing another show in DC with them sometime, everybody nice and friendly.

Brandon Wu's photos : http://www.flickr.com/photos/brandonwu/sets/72157617370782690/

We rolled into dark and quiet DC and along the Mall and Lincoln Memorial to the U Street area where we were staying the night.
Nightclubbers walking through the neighborhood after 3 AM, the Black Cat was not far , the 9:30 Club as well ,
pairs of fine black ladies smiling on their way to the next place ,
quartets out in the night. A single bird chirped from closeby on the block.
Laid down by 3:40 until someone walking by in early morning made the dog bark ...

It was good to see DC again, more happening club-wise and young people -wise then expected.
We went in front of the White House for a look -see, to the Mall in hot sun and into the Lincoln Memorial to see the big man.
It looks like he's wearing at least one semi -platform shoe.


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