Saturday, April 11, 2009

Nostalgic Friday rain

Some moments remembering older NYC days and nights feelings this week.
Bumping into performer who used to dance with your group while looking intently through Astor wines,
walking through neighborhoods you don't usually hit,
really seeing the new tall , thin Apt. building cantilevered over a space where you used to go to ...
Looking up at the window of a Pub. Co. you went to once upon a time.
And going to the Strand on a rainy Friday and reading up on books you may never buy, worth browsing nonetheless.

Yesterday it was the thick book on Kubrick; Films and notes on production ,
finding out that the director did get thousands of videos when Warner's had put out the call for casting "Full Metal Jacket".
We had "The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight" out, it was a hit and while in Ruby Merjan's office at WEA Int.
I was asked if I would like to submit a video in order to try for a part in 'a war movie'.
Could go back to that book quite a few times -chapters on production of "A Clockwork Orange" -
who came up with those great group names ? Burgess probably ...

Next I spy "The Hippos Were Boiled In Their Tanks" I think the title was - co written by Wm Burroughs and Jack Kerouac but unpublished for decades.
Each writing alternating chapters born of the story of someone they knew who had been involved with an older guy and eventually stabbed and killed him , threw him into the East River.
From the start one is plunged right into the streets of the West Village, walking home a long ways in dawn light,
collapsing into bed with clothes on then someone knocking at the door , a buzz hungry group arrives with bottle of Canadian Club.

Outside streets were being closed off by police because of the students taking over part of New School over on Fifth Ave.,
traffic backing up, flow of people on the rainy streets.

Once home and losing focus due to allergies acting up,
ended up rereading Matthiessen's "the Snow Leopard" a good deal of the rest of day,
pulled out the Inner / Upper Dolpo maps after finishing.
Whole areas of maps mostly blank,
only rock, snow , ice and the occasional snow leopard watching you from a few feet away
still completely unseen.

Then on "Top Runners" we catch Takuro from Glay's interview about the group, life ,
how Jiro joining the group 'made it Glay' and future plans.

Later it's a docu on the Pixies reunion tour of few years ago.
Having never actually listened to an entire album of theirs,
the good part for me was seeing the group before they reformed, during and by the end of the tour.
The birds were singing by time head hit the pillow.

Now listening: Tim Hecker "Shosts In Silver" ( is that really the title ? shosts > < ghosts ... the piece sounds like 'ghosts')
from Pop Ambient 09 on Kompakt


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