Saturday, March 28, 2009

Futures post

A taller then advertised and redesigned 35th generation HRP humanoid robot took a bow after a surprise appearance in Tokyo fashion show.
A son of Sylvia Plath commits suicide in Alaska.
Alaska's Redoubt volcano erupts.
The many stories of Carlos Fernando Charmorro.
Sweden says no to SAAB.
Pope tries to send ripples of hope.
Balkans.Obrezje Slovenia -Croatia border. Bored border guards can smell the roast pork inside but dare not go in.
Lebanon bomb kills Senior Fath official.
Iraq suicide bomber kills 25.
Day workers on the hustling grounds.
3 pirate attacks off Somalia.
Bodies washing up along Yemanese coast for miles.
Omar Hassan - Al Bashir visits Eritrea from Sudan
while Aid groups trashed and thrown out of Sudan.
NATO says Taliban commander Maulawi Hassan killed in Kajaki , Helmand Province.
Mumbai gunmen says he's from Pakistan.
China fires more over milk scandal.
Ai Wei Wei blog defies censors indefinitely.
Man killed in biker brawl . Suspected gang members ambushed upon arriving at Sydney airport.
We're waiting as the Japanese inspectors clear off and allow boarding of the planes backed up at Narita.
Fed Ex jet crashed on landing there yesterday.
Wife's clients arrivals delayed till tomorrow ...

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