Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fennesz & Sakamoto @ Winter Garden

Excellent show last night,
Fennesz & Sakamoto performing Cendre over a good sonic detailed sound system downtown @ Winter Garden.
An opening soundtrack for centuries a shined loop of sounds played backwards, patch clouds of processed kyboards music sounds gauze shimmerings .
Afterwards, Sakamoto moved over to the Grand piano, Fennesz' pulled on his guitar and they went into their 2007 album Cendre.
Mixed crowd cruising for seats filling the seats on the floor, above on second floor and up around the sides of the Garden.
Lowered the lights seats all filled
About three quarters of the way through the concert a Banana Republic storefront logo that blew on
for about 5 white glaring moments

Walked through Ground Zero area on the way to and again from the concert -
Two high cranes perched still above the construction floor,
a glimpse of white concrete metal risers shapes going up through the construction - security screening.
Water can be seen below the bathtub wall on one side.
One building they have been wrecking is a deathtrap that costs as much to take down as to build.
Kiho says the new tall white silver building went up in a month
Moon has been large the last nights ,
an orange moon over the skyline downtown late at night last week


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