Saturday, May 24, 2008

Flesh of magazines

On the way down to check the mail the thought that I'd like to find another copy of last Sunday's Times Travel magazine crosses mind.
Then before I throw away stuff there is a copy lying on top of other old newspapers.
That Pico Iyer article on Ladakh ...

Lots of dl's Tanz Mit Mir ,This Mortal Coil, The Misfits, Void, Coroner, SunnO))/Boris and Zeitlich Vergelter from a Japanese live house 1985 -1990's blog.

The painters will come on June 23.
Under the low table with the Mackie mixing board on top and into the shelves of CD's, magazines, vinyl, VHS and DVD's piled up in the 10 years we have been here.
Today into the hall closet, the old suitcase I brought on the trip when I moved to NYC and throwing away almost all the old paper stacked inside.
Studio notes on tracks for TLC"s Trauma:Life In The ER and Science Times from the TV sdtk years with Charles,
quotations on future technologies for publications, tech rewrites for Longo's Johnny Mnemonic production.
Yellow pads filled with jottings from multimedia Festivals, anime film, LaserDisc and CD Rom developments.
Digital Shiatsu CDROM work sheets and budget, receipts, lists of groups, signed release forms and faded faxes in a fat folder for a NYC Hardcore Compilation for Bad Taste Tokyo brand '98.
The series of LD's Yoshiji and I were going to do as 'Emerge Inc.' , Confidentiality Agreements.
Ticket stubs, letters, bills from Sherpa inn keeprs for black coffees, high altitude breakfasts and dinners while trekking around the Annapurna's.
Name cards with numbers scribbled on the back, a collapsed Sique Sique Sputnik 'box set', second copy of Ballard's High Rise.

Articles saved from old NY Times, one in front of me now is by Steven Johnson who was present in the 'dot .com' '90's when NY Web was trying to keep things going in their office space on Lower Broad Street not far from where the bull sculpture paws ground.
Sunday Times magazines, Science Times, Travel sections, articles on the future of NYC, from after 9/11.
Art Review from 2000 on the first US extensive show of Momoyama period calligraphy, design and raku works by Japanese polymath Koetsu .


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