Sunday, June 01, 2008

Way back in West Berlin (RIP B H)

Summer feeling in full swing, warm and humid - or intense rain and black cloud fronts rolling through daily now.

A week that included calculating old credit card bills from between 1997 and 2006 , the Settlement offered for overseas card useage fees deadline was Thurs, got a bit crazed doing yen, Thai bhat and Nepalese rupee currency conversions for a couple days there.
A solid second session Wednesday with Mark and Alice out in NJ,
this time we got in a three synth improvisation over a rainstorm recorded in Pokara, Nepal among other improvisations and notes and chords we jammed on the first time.

DCC should be doing our first show in awhile in NYC coming in August.
Would be nice to have Nomi singing with us , but she's currently out on the recently extended tour with that Hercules & Atlas project.
She looked great and like she was having fun in pics from the Studio B debut on Pitchfork !
We've been finishing our parts for two new songs Galacticoast Mosi and Megacidade that round out the projected DCC album.
Yes - long time coming, a few different sounds and styles on this one ...

Dystopians will set early Sept date for our third Monkeytown movie night soon,
early show should be a reprise by popular demand of live score for BladeRunner Directors Cut
and the second show might be Alien.

Started a new Dominatrix track and should be able to finally finish and mix the tracks for the Dom three tune Ep for Rec and iTunes download soon.

Lots of music in last week, from Joy Division live in London, Esplendor Geometrico, Antietam to Autechre and Laibach's Kunstderfuge.
Yesterday, a bit oddly and somewhat under most radars, Laibach played a Slovenian culture event @ Town Hall,
Noyuri thought she saw Michael Benson leaving the wine tasting.
I had worked with Michael on a screenplay and he had been a connection to the Irwin guys back in the early '90's.

Googling around yesterday I found a memorial for artist and old friend from West Berlin days, Bibiena Houwer.
It kind of hit me while reading her friend's sweet account of her in Amsterdam and also her last days in 2005.
Her boy was into hiphop and excited to find his mom knew someone who was playing with The Rammellzee
so I had sent the DCC CD's , then we were on tour for the Bi Conicals Europe dates fall '05
but by then it was too late, didn't hear from her and didn't know why until I read about her passing yesterday.
So sorry to hear it and RIP lady , you were special and a good friend who I was lucky to have time with here,
in West Berlin and in Rotterdam when I was there doing the music for Longo's Solid Ashes with R'dam Philharmonic.
Too inspiring, talented and too young ...

What else noted this week ...
Mars lander
Monkey moves robot arm - 'thought into motion' research news
Spam makers Hormel stock up 14% as recession affects US' food choices
US opposes the cluster bomb ban
The US's embattled FDA - 300 food recalls in the last 16 months.
The Lost season finale was good, 'we have to move the island ...' nice visual, that.

Will be heading downtown tonight to listen to that second session @ Mark's


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