Friday, July 11, 2008

A pumice field with a hand sticking out

Death Note Parts 1 & 2 on DVD. The first half has some interesting elements -the actors, use of music and soundtrack (sometimes mixed to be partially muffled or muted, the pov of current J culture .
Lead character finds the black notebook fallen from the night sky,
finds that writing someone's name in it while having them in mind will lead to their death within 40 seconds ...
There is another character already working with the 'authorities' who is on to this 'Killa', he's otaku, black eyeliner wears spotless white and is seen eating candy in every scene.
The two seem to get on at first.

Ted Koppel's 4 Pt. series on emerging China town - city Chongqing.
Introducing another powerhouse town into new city,
pink, green lazers cut across the sky above open plazas where women come to dance in the evening.
Down the lane, no doubt with tacit or payyoff greased police approval, the lowest priced prostitutes wait for workers who flock to the city behind open doors.
All day they've been hammering concrete off metal piping as all around them more dusted workers pound away at cement beams reducing a building to rubble and dust.

After downloading Smile earlier in the week, missed Boris @ Webster Hall last night.
Back and forth with Shinichi, Kaneko and Latin Ras Kaz in Tokyo.
Contacted Tetine in Sao Paulo, Christoph de Babylon in Berlin ...

Excellent session, best all year on Wednesday with engineer and co producer Paul Geluso.
Redid vocals and a new mix for Dystopians Cold Stars

The stars were close when we land on the beach
Cold stars they seemed within reach
We made love in the sand
Packed our kits and we went down the coast
Left the cities insect mound
A hundred miles down the line
A hundred miles down the line ...

To find the cities destroyed by the sea
Capitols all leveled by tides
Bullet trains keeled over in dust
Power lines melted by the sun
A pumice field with a hand sticking out
Brown fields are far as the eye can see
Under the cold stars ...

Mech and tech all rusted out
Far caves cities full of ghosts
Slogan's run and the Eye filling sky
Villages where silence reigned
Druid girls past feeling the wind
All things must past spraybombed on the wall
one house one light at the end of a spit of land
ending with a beach

The stars were close
It was warm on the beach
We made love in the sand
We turned over again
We made love in the sand
We turned over again
We made love in the sand

No time
No life

New arrange, sounds and mixes for both new Dominatrix tracks You Never Forget Your First Dominatrix and Nuits X.
Easily could have dressed them up in predictable little ' Dominatrix ' samples but they are like they are -
You > muted bass bt pounding under sweet Xylophone Marimba dub music , a Dominatrix is up and doing ... something.
Nuits X > savage cousin to The City That Never Sleeps
( previously on Soul Jazz' NY Noise 3 and Delic Records Numbers Pieces Japan ) but a chillier industrial tribal thrashing number.
In the klub's of near futures ...
Talked with artist David Levinthal this week and believe having his artworks as cover of this new Dominatrix EP will be cool...
They fit so well together.


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