Friday, May 09, 2008

Militias on parade

Yangoon Myanmar 5 million with no electricity
Beirut. In three days of street battles , heavily armed Hezzbollah militia fought Gov. troops leaving 11 dead, 20 wounded
Iraqi Police claim capture of Qaeda's Abu Hamaa al -Muhajer
Somalian militias kill UN worker
Austria's Dungeon man
Putin is approved as PM . First military parade since end of Cold War
North Korea gives US files on plutonium efforts
Olympic torch on top of Mt Everest
'Olympic pardon' floated by John Kamm at Dui Hua Foundation
New attacks in Zimbabwe as Mibeki arrives
Argentine farmers cut off exports
Gunmen kill Mexico's Chief of Police
Impasse ends Hudson Yards plan
Clinton's lead in Superdelegates is gone
today its 263 Clinton
264 Obama coming on now


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