Sunday, May 04, 2008


Watching Children Of Men again the other night there was the scene where In The Court Of The Crimson King comes up on the soundtrack. Glorious ...
Part of a few hours viewing last third of Matrix Reloaded quite corny by now, V For Vendetta but Children Of Men held up best.
Very end was *hit but the rest carrying that blue cold edge toned feel of Wire In The Blood and police / detective series preceeding into British future grime, flashes of UK pale chest stiff uppa lip ("England Stands Alone !") and 'Bush's war' themes.
Great Michael Caine character with his lifestyle , hidden and off the road.

Also noted: Big coverage of Wei Wei Ai's Ordos project in Inner Mongolia.
'100 houses in 100 days'. Black clad architects from around the world out on edge of desert. Paid in cash.
Mohammad Rasoulof's "Head Wind" at Tribeca Film Fest. Illegal satellite dishes on Iran rooftops ...
James Yamada's 12 Ft. sculpture "Our Starry Night" on Fifth Ave . and 60th St.
When a visitor enters the walkway, metal objects carried will trigger light patterns that people outside the structure can see.

Blue gray rainy days.
The loading in and transporting of hundreds of trees , shrubs and various plants continues off the Ave C loop for the second week at least, demo on the Apt. just below us, sinks back up with debris, neighbors scavenging through the black plastic bags filled with deceased tenants clothes and keepsakes.
Trees have completely filled in despite the current chill.

Let the Grant deadline pass on Wed.
Was going to try to get 25k for the Arctic project but couldn't gather the proper materials.
After watching Expedition Alaska and Gore's movie again yesterday, my energies well past going for a 'Grant' and those er processes.
Nightclubbing Diaries passed on by first Agent I have approached, 'great project but not for our major publisher clients', and in essence, 'another Agent might think differently though'.
Fuels the fire to make it happen.
DCC work session today, working out changes , bridge to Galacticoast Mosi.
Shin's working on his bassline in Tokyo.


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