Sunday, April 20, 2008

Flag pins , dark ages

Filed Tax extension.
Two days stomach flu.
The Plague followed by The Dark Ages on History Ch.
21st Democratic debate of the primaries with questions about flag pins, Weather Men from decades past and gotchas
"Can you promise to have the other as your Vp ?"- because i'm a newcaster on ABC - and I'm asking you to decide right now in the next seconds before commercial break ...
Disturbing Nat Geo program on x Marine's reportage from Darfur and the Bush State Dept's reaction to his publishing his photos in the NY Times.
Searing images of mangled bodies, burnt remains still handcuffed , human shaped stains on flattened grass ...
The program laid out clearly what started the Darfur genocide and by the end - why it could continue to this minute.
Down to New Museum for free night, for me mainly to see the building.
Impressive from the outside, already hot in the Galleries , not sold on execution , bookstore was ok- shame about the art.
Didn't know it but Dan Houglands's new Hex Message was playing downstairs @ Weird while we were there.
On way home we run into Nick & Ume heading downtown for Viet Namese , graciously they say it's ok to join.
Also missed Autechure in Bk , TENORI-ON @ Southpaw after seeing docu on Toshio Iwai just the other night ...
NHK World Strollers episode on the streets of Fez Medina market tight side streets, alleys estates behind huge doors blackened by age. Bright blue skies , white walled houses, fabric spinners working in the streets.
NHK Adventure Special set in Northern Argentina's Ischigualasto/Talampaya Natural Parks hot springs reddish rock walls rising from desert floors straight as modern apartment buildings walls, scooped by incessant wind.
Dinosaur bones sticking out from dry river beds, a balloon ride over jagged grey wastelands, HD spires jutting up into the air and rock heads balanced on thin eroded 'necks' in full moonlight.
Donnie Darko on Sundance . Had never seen it, odd and interesting
Programmed a new technoid piece on laptop , polished it sitting outside in the 80F sun yesterday
Sat in the living room and made a pen drawing ... which got me thinking about doing a show of them maybe with music to go with.
Thought about old techniques of only writing the songs that are to be recorded and not more versus writing all the time -
one good side being there are not songs lying around unused.
About how good it is to focus on the worlds created by one's group's musics, having built in boundries, limits, parameters.
About how great it is - and about time - to write 'free' like i was doing yesterday ... only vaguely knowing it will be released one way or another at some time in future.


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