Saturday, January 19, 2008

After party "No Sound Is Too Taboo"

Whoa ... that was lots of musik Saturday night
Yukihiro Takahashi Akiko Yanno YMO various Japanese wave synth pop classics and obscure Planet Rock remix
Shin played Gary Numan The young Gods SkinFlowers DAF Liasions Dangeruses Cocteau Twins Basic Channel Robert Hood Kaneko played a cut from the DCC 7" "One on Ones" pitched down
I played Bowie's Art Decade Blackout Beauty And The Beast Eno Joy Division DCC's Alpha delta Ike Yard Dystopians ...
Old friends came through, new friends too thanks everybody who came out, it was cold that night !
Special thanks to Kaneko @ openers

From the mixi post:
"No Sound Is Too Tabou"

場所:NIGHTFLY(ナイトフライ)@渋谷(UP LINKの裏 1F、TEL:03-3481-6009)

Stuart Argabright(デス・コメット・クルー)

SHIN SHIMOKAWA(デス・コメット・クルー)

and more special guest!!!!

About 5 tunes into Aono's set there was a complaint about the noise from bar adjacent.
We ended up fading and left around 5 AM with only a few diehards still hanging , out into the morning cold to Lawson's for snack, our hotel for the night only a few feet away thankfully .
Check out delayed for a few hours !

Next day:
Writing this from old friends house with sun coming in through garden windows,
friends talking around large wooden table , feet up and taking it easy.

Last night excellent Kansai nabe and another round of drinking wine, Asahi Super dry plus Seiji's cactus room
with x owner of Manhattan Records (he's sold the co. , but has to stay on for a couple more years).
We hear that Tower Records is paying about a million $ for rent in Shibuya , Virgin Records store in NYC to close ,
an era of vinyl record sales is closing.
We had just passed Manhattan Records earlier in the day with Noyuri commenting that the spot was part of a 'Golden Triangle'
for vinyl sales for Japanese DJ's and music freaks.
And so it goes ...
although obv DJ's will continue using vinyl for the near future

Two main cats rule the house here in Shimokitazawa,
a fourth had been found and taken in currently residing in a room upstairs,
causing the residents to prowl endlessly patroling the rooms in search of another cat that can sense but cannot see ...


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