Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dennis Sal Ike Yard 2008

Ike Yard was invited to jam by Dennis Young at Sal's place last Wed. ,
that was one of the first times another group has reached out to us like that
and playing with them was alot of fun.
We almost instantly fell into drum - marimba - perc - bass - guitar - synth jams,
the first one lasting 30 minutes !
Some outstanding stuff we made up and grooved one .
We plan to do it again early Feb. when I get back
and do some shows together
Cheers guys

We have some new friends helping Ike Yard land our first show in town for somewhere between Feb. - March,
some things bubbling in Europe . Brussels calling for the next Plan K / Factory night 2008 !
And we hope to play Chicago and Detroit when it gets warmer , would like to include first Canada shows.
The best of the new songs will be recorded in Feb., March, and that makes up the all- new album's 13- 14 song pieces

2008 Incoming

* Nowthenafter SurroundSound DVD produced by SA & Harvestworks' Tellus label;
a collection of downtown electro acoustic musicmakers circa 2000 -2008
Ikue Mori & DJ Olive
Judy Nylon & SA
8 Bit Construction Set
David Linton & Charles Cohen
Toshio Kajiwara
Mark C
Marina Rosenfeld
Ray Sweeten
Messages ( Taketo Shimada & Treyce from Psychic Ills)
DJ Singe

Nowthenafter DVD will be available before the Harvestworks Benefit in June @ NY FIlm Academy

* DCC will have all album tracks finished - finally, and will be shopping those tracks
* Dominatrix new EP will be ready
* Dystopians first download Ep
* The Voodooists first rereleases dl
* Upcoming black rain rereleases


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