Monday, January 07, 2008

Nightclubbing Diaries 1978 -1988

Now that the Soul Jazz Book is out on the stands-
looking good on top shelf of Logos in Parco complex Shibuya yesterday,
and the Black Dog Pub. No Wave book out either now or soon -
today my post is about our 'Book' - Nightclubbing Diaries '78 -'88 ...
I think it will be a good read.
Good ?
for one , you will be reading stories you've never heard ( who was out, who did who , who did what)
for two , I was there.
Having promised myself at around 17 that I would use every 24 hour , 86,400 seconds a day cycle to push forward as best I can , these accounts of the highs and lows , flows of this seminal period will be illustration of what happens when one happens to be in the right place at the right time.
for three , by now I see the '80's period as being just as important as any of the old art movements we have heard / learned about in our lifetimes.

I mean , my own experience took in 70's glam , 'punk' , post 'punk' , art and performance of many (then) emerging kinds
into the informational , digital 'Third wave' of cyberpunk projects from '84 - '88.
With long roots in pre -'78 - for example my own father's work at the Pentagon on what was then called the Monet -
carrying through to post '88 waves of change- ie: from Music videos to Laser Discs through CD Rom to Web and network based creations.

Nightclub Diaries:
Book ( the original diaries plus footnotes/ full stories elaborated , ' words on a page' plus photos) -
DVD (plus music and more photos selected from other photographers) -
Movie ( some of the stories are that good, and the settings , clubs certainly are worth recreating for the people who were not there to see ; and I'm not talking about an MTV type 'virtual ' jaunt through LES !)

Lastly, while these are my actual diaries , I don't see it as only 'my story' or about only 'me'.
There was a cast of dozens, hundreds who had similar experiences , times and tribulations
and it's really all of our story.

>> end of No wave /post punk /proto electro -techno - mega art / video art / early CG art / virtual reality <<
Mudd Club , Tier 3 , Danceteria , Pyramid Club , Area , Paradise Garage
Futants , Ike Yard, Dominatrix , Death Comet Crew , Will To Power , Voodoists , black rain
downtown 8mm filmmakers , New wave Vaudeville , Madonna , Circus Mort , William Gibson , Bruce Sterling ,
SRL , Sogo Ishii , R Longo , Gretchen Bender , Sean Young , Seiko Mikami , Syd Mead , Jack Womack
but also 1987 Tokyo , Osaka , Kyoto , Hong Kong Walled City Of Kowloon

Can hear the opening soundtrack tune now ... Nightclubbing from Iggy's The Idiot '77

We will put out a few proposals to publishers in Feb./ March
and will let you know how it progresses here

Cheers 2008
From Tokyo


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