Monday, December 24, 2007

New new things and the last rereleases

Things got done , things change , new things come up
The rerelease cycle has now reprocessed Dominatrix , Death Comet Crew and last year Ike Yard
so that now only The Voodooists (1988 -'92) and black rain ( 1989 -'98) remain unrereleased of the major groups
I've been involved with ...
2008 should see launch of my label, rereleasing Voodooists and black rain will be a part of what we do.

For this decade I have been working on rereleasing ever since the Gomma Anti NY comp. seemed to kick it off by licensing the DCC and IY tracks,
worked up the Gigolo Dom rerelease 2003 , City That Never Sleeps for Soul Jazz' New York Noise 3 and Delic Records Japan 2006 release ,
DCC America Ep on, This Is Riphop album on Tmu 2004 , DCC Delic Records Japan 2005, DCC Live Delic release 2008 ,
Ike Yard Collected:1980 -82 on Acute / Car Park 2006 , Loss and A Dull Life on New York Noise 3 2006.

The Voodooists songs I transfered from Steve Breck's old analog Akai deck a few weeks ago sounded excellent !
Steve is the Studio owner, engineer coproducer collaborator from 1983 onwards to the Neuromancer Audio Book and Johnny Mnemonic soundtracks in 1994 we recorded in NH after he moved up North.
He used to work with oh, Kurtis Blow, The Fat Boys bk in that day ...

Now with DCC, IY and Dominatrix all finishing new releases (Album, Album , Ep + album) ,
Dystopians the first new group this decade - started recording it's debut EP this past summer
and in the past few days i've been programming the beginnings of my polystyle album project

so 2008 can be substantially about the NEW


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