Sunday, December 24, 2006

Glitter and Doom Glamourous Sky

Going through the many reviews from Ike Yard Acute rerelease
with a group '1 sheet' in mind to go out with CD's to France to followup on IY 2007 Europe performance possibilities
Year end cheers to the Blissblogger for citing the Ike Yard rere
to Kode 9 for his kind words on IY along the way in '06.

Yesterday we were out for hours up at the Met where we took in the truly powerful, sometimes scary ugly Glitter And Doom: German Portraits from the 1920's
(Otto Dix, George Grosz and others), Americans In Paris and Japanese seasons exhibitions.
A showstopping portrait of Anita Berber, the indoor /outdoor triptych
and some of the drawings in the inner room were pretty hard studies of pimps,
war mongers and victims walking wounded cocaine couples the sadist artists
Walked down Fifth Avenue to 59th to shoot Barney's Warhol windows and
Berdorf's elaborate show windows (my wife Noyuri is researching for a next
Guide Book on NYC and the Christmas window displays do appeal to travelers from Japan) saw an x Killing Joke drummer out on the street with lady.
Then back down to 14th St. into Joe's for a bottle of bubbly for tonight.
Surrounded by Christmas, there is a very large tree out on the Oval

This is the first day I haven't gone to YouTube (yet) to replay Mika Nakashima's
Black Stones Glamourous Sky and Hito iro (One Color).
Those songs, esp. Glamourous Sky have some flash, style and harder edges then the mass of J pop out there (Thank you Hyde from L'Arc En Ciel for writing G Sky !).
Full of those 'Brit punk' references too, 'Johnny Rotten'retro microphone,
bondage trousers, inverted crosses, leather biker cap Mika looked good .
Flipping through Cable catch end of another Mika video, followed by the woman who plays the singer in NANA's other band, Trapnest.
While one can understand, it's a bit of a loss that Mika will go back to doing those jazzier ballads for her production Co. and Sony Corp.
New Year's day on NHK's 'Kouhaku' Year end show
Mika will play NANA for the last time


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