Friday, August 25, 2006


3 complete days without TV ,
2 more partial days up in the White Mtns of Hew Hampshire
We had a great day up on Mt Jefferson in the Presidentials
climbing up into the clouds ...
It was getting colder as we climbed through the cornices ,
checking out the excellent long lines of the Castellated Ridges to our left as we ascended into gray clouds
After about 20 minutes we decided to stop and instead crouched down as best we could
behind a line of low scrub trees and waited to see if it cleared up ...
Micheal said he saw the top ridge cairn once through clouds , and others on the trail were hoping it was going to clear , but it didn't really ever clear up.
On the way down patches of sun lit up the hills below us from time to time as he hop the rocks all the way down into stands of blow downs and mossy trees back to the car

Also picked our way carefully up North Percy's narrow,
sometimes running wet trail to the top
ate bluberries that were all around us by the trail edge
scrambed up the rock slabs to the summit to have lunch under an approaching big black cloud and got lucky the rain stopped at the next valley over from us ...
Cool to cold last night up North
Michael and I worked on a lot of new music and got it on DAT , just bk tonight

Ike Yard 1980- 82 Collected now out on the always tasty Acute Records ...
Shout out to Scott Mou @ Other Music


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