Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Coated glass walls

Thankfully things cooled down considerably since last week ...
One can actually sleep with a light blanket on , the birds are singing again.
Big full moon looking down from on high.
It was a bright orange half one night last week and hung low over the buildings downtown.

NY Noise 3 continues to shape up very nicely , heading towards 'Done'
Will hd bk up to Paul Geluso's Studio Riverglass again next week for another bout of finishing DCC tracks, by now there are only a couple sessions to go until all tracks are recorded for every song/piece.
Busy with taxes after extension, figuring out expenses from last year's Japan & Euro Tours ,
Tokyo's booked for Sept.1-27 with Yoshi planning a release party for his new CD with two Dominatrix cuts , electro Shin Shimokawa and Delic Crew.
Dystopians in a bit of a lull as busy with everything else, rest of life
prolly won't play out till after Thanksgiving as Bones & Eve plan move up to New Paltz.
DCC set for Amiens France White Night Oct.7
Licensing'with Aussie's Stomp (Voodooists), Gigolo, DCC's Exterior St.(Tokyo)pending
Birthday last Saturday landed me an excellent Japanese dinner @ Kamui Den on Ave A
where we sat feeling a bit like visitors watching tourists out the coated glass.
How many woman looked at themselves (right at us) as they stroll by.
Windows wide open and the breeze is cool blowing through ...


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