Saturday, July 29, 2006

Light cycles

In the past 2 wks since last post
July is a slow month for the courts so Jury Duty only lasted 2 days
They have tried to make the whole process easier and it actually is now,
don't really mind doing it , some fun seeing all the different people called in together

I had made a note to be sending out first round of Voodooists demo's to selected labels by the 17th , a date i didn't make - but then had the pleasure of receviing the offer to license The Jungle And The Zoo by the Voodooists for top Australian indie Stomp's Dance Dept. for inclusion in the Balance 010 DJ mix CD by Jimmy Van M.
Track previously available only on the 1992 Warlock Records 12"
of The Jungle ... b/w Dambhalla 2000 . The Voodooists are definitely coming ...

DCC got an offer from a Japanese label re: Exteriot St.,
which has always been one of my fav tracks by the group,
we are talking and seeing where this goes and what can happen
DCC's new track Drag racing out in Europe on the new From The Powerhouse 12" VA Ep from Berlin's Meteosound/Shitkatapult ...
Details and info off to Paris re: Tech for Oct.7 Amiens White night's show
I see Space Shower , the Japanese Music Cable Ch. is running the DCC Tokyo show for the last few nights.
Looks like a nice program with PLAID, Luke Vibert, Kid 606 & others along with DCC !

Last Sunday the great Konono #1 played Summerstage along with Daara J
Central Park was green and peaceful , eventually it cleared and the sun was hot
but the music was so good.
Will look Daara J up in Paris ...

Harvestworks Board meeting the 25th was a good one

Michael Diekmann and I (from both Ike Yard & DCC) were on WNYU's New Afternoon Show Wed. with host Jacqueline , yakked too much and played too much and went overtime some (No wave , electroid - IMPLOG , Dark Day from New York Noise 3/Ike Yard/DCC/Dom and previews Public Domain Project with Judy Nylon Yellow Rose & The Good Old Summertime w/ Liz Janes/ Pac Man Industries / Michael's sdtk piece)

Had my overnight black bag packed and so went direct to Penn Station to miss the 7:30 out to Patchogue LI by about 4 minutes.
Anyway, the 8:30 was an Express and i got out there in time to catch the same ,
last Davis Park Ferry out to Fire Island's Northern end to spend the next 2 days until yesterday.
The beach was white , ocean cold , house was large upstairs with big windows all around , rooftop deck looks out over the island , the ocean and the ferries coming and going off the Bay side .
Was nice and very chill ...


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