Saturday, July 08, 2006

Out on the green

Some nights the air was sweet , fruit fresh
other days gray clouds scud rain falls thick on other days
suddenly curtains of rain come through
The other evening as yet another concert on the Oval went on ,
the 3 big crows sat atop the TV antenna on the roof across the way ,
appearing to be there listening to the music .
Occasionally they would change position to flit taking turns on the top of the perch
The crows showed some taste as the music wasn't soo bad that night !

Things progress ...
Final cuts added to New York Noise 3
(SNATCH's Black Market, James Blood Ulmer's TV Blues, probably Martin Rev's Jomo)
Liner's done and edited yesterday , Judy Nylon's notes done , Jacqui Ham (UT) working on their write up , Dike's Boris Policeband text done ...

DCC's Drag Racing on "From The Powerhouse" , Meteosound/Shitkatapult's VA Comp. should be out next week , am hoping they had copies for their ShitParade !

Dominatrix Japanese VA Comp. with 'Sleeps and the unreleased 1984 cut
City That Never Sleeps along with other artists should be out in August via
Delic Records/Phunk (who also released DCC's This Is Riphop last year there)

The NowThenAfter 'downtown electronic' Compilation i started bk in 2001 for Harvestworks now seems closer to having a home through the new recent Electronic Music Foundation & HW collaboratory stance . EMF has a label ...
(Ikue Mori & DJ Olive / Marina Rosenfeld / Judy Nylon / 8 Bit Construction Set /
Mark C / David Linton & Charles Cohen / Toshio Kajiwara and more)

Excellent NHK programs on Dresden and Mont St. Michel on their World Heritage' show
Loud and dense performance by James Plotkin & Khanate drummer Wyskida @ Knitting Factory Thurs night
Watch World Cup Final tomorrow @ Kiho & Yoshimi's
Jury Duty next week ! (they got me)


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