Saturday, June 03, 2006

Sweeteners speeds intoxication

Quake strikes off the coast of S Iran
Russian Diplomats ambushed , 1 worker killed and the other kidnapped in Baghdad
the Haditha incident in Iraq
2 Egyptian Border Guards killed by Israeli troops
Man shot in counterterrorism raid in London
17 terror suspects arrested in Toronto Canada
22 year old American sailor sentenced to life imprisonment by Yokomaha District Court for the beating death of the 56 year old Japanese woman during a robbery Jan.3 near the Yokosuka base south of Tokyo

And Wen Ho Lee , the atomic scientist from Los Alamos National Lab who was accused of espionage by the Gov. settled his invasion of privacy suit for $1,645000.00.
5 major media players paying almost half the sum

Vonage stocks
Bigger badder poison ivy
Artificial sweeteners speed intoxication


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