Saturday, June 10, 2006


The news comes over that the big fire on the Brooklyn waterfront on May 2
the largest fire in a decade , excluding 9/11 happened because 2 guys were burning insulation off copper wire in preparation to selling it to scrap dealers
Wire without insulation can fetch up to 1.25 per pound vs 75 cents per lb.
for wire with insulation
Arrested was Leszek Kuzera ,59
Kuzera and a buddy put the wire onto a pile of tires and wooden pallets ,
lit it and when it burned out of control, they ran off.
I was glad the wind wasn't blowing our way the day the of the fire
The black smoke columns filled the sky most of that day

Rip Shoei Immamura , Director of the original Black Rain in Japanese
and many other excellent movies

Mt Merapi. Indonesia .
Huge sky filling stacks of gray smoke billowing blotting out the blue sky behind
15,000 more villagers fled their homes when gas and ash rolled more then 3 miles down the slope ,
people jumped into rivers , jammed into and onto trucks
Merapi erupted previously in 1994 and 1930

the rains cleared away for the night ,
white clouds tinged orange passing in front of the moon
face of the moon clear in between black clouds shredding


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