Thursday, June 01, 2006

It took the night to believe

White luminescent clouds billowing up to fill the horizon
In the evening clouds lightly draped around the top of the Empire State
Humidity is high

Tokyo reports May marked a record low for sunshine
with only 136 hours of sun for the month, 70% of their usual amount

dark clouds out of the East smudging the sky black , pink clouds on blue sky
and the night bird struck up and sang in the quiet

Later that night and five blocks to the North and West ,
the opening tuned down guitar note thunder rolled out into the old church now known as the Avalon . SunnO))) has begun their set

And did enjoy the Sunday Times magazine on Sunn and Boris
at times while reading through the article flashing on a show from late '70's downtown
A very loud set by Boyd Rice's NON at Tier 3 blasting a wary audience
with white light and noise carpet roaring jets taking grained out with effects
right through you
And there too, a number of people with a 'I'm gonna stand here and take it'
posture , as mentioned by Stephen O'Malley of SunnO))) in the article .
Other people were going out for a smoke , some part of the building where you could hear it even a bit less , others coming back from the Mudd Club

The Boris PINK cd is pretty great
Looking for Boris Policeband also at the same time here
Got copies of the Japanese DCC Remix CD's on Delic Records , another great cover art design by Izumi who also did the DCC Vader T shirt for us last year


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